All-inclusive bathroom renovation including custom vanity, stone, tiles, taps, fixtures, plumbing, electrical and all trades is usually in the $30-$40k range.

All-inclusive kitchen renovations including custom made joinery, stone bench tops, sink, tap and splashback, plumbing, electrical and all trades is usually in the $45-$60k range, plus appliances.


All-inclusive internal re-configuration including kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, lighting, flooring, fixtures and fittings, doors and windows, painting and all trades, may be in the $250-$350k range, depending on inclusions and size.

Extension budgets will depend on many factors including building size, site costs, materials, roofing, internal finishes and more. An average single-story extension may start from $200k and move towards $500k.

Laundry renovation with a fully customized done for you solution will sit in a budget range of $15k-$20k depending on the inclusions.

Due to the size and nature of a typical second storey design, we suggest an average range of $400-$600k

There really are too many variables to answer this accurately, however we would normally see a custom new home starting from $650k and going up depending on your design, site costs, finishes and inclusions. There really are no two projects the same, so we would discuss this further with you.

A mid-range finish to a development including multiple units would be in the $2,000-$3,000 per m2. This rate may go down if there are multiple units on site. Site costs including excavation, driveways and landscaping should also be considered.

We offer a turn key building service for all clients, however all our developments are considered turn key. Fencing, driveway, landscaping, water tanks, clothes line, everything done for you!

Not all projects will a require Town Planning Permit.  We will be able to advise if it is necessary and what steps will need to be taken, once we have a better understanding of the design brief.

All structural works technically require a Building Permit. Removing a load bearing wall, extensions, decks or verandahs and some other internal renovations may require one. Each project will be considered and if required, we will manage this entire process.

Mode Developments [Vic] P/L holds the highest residential license available in Victoria. Our license – CDB-U 50900 – makes us eligible to carry out projects from small renovations to multi-unit developments and to issue Domestic Builder Insurance.

You can search for Builder’s license currency through the VBA website.

It is a legal responsibility that Domestic Builder Insurance policies are taken out for each project over $16k. As an extra level of security for clients, only registered builders can provide this insurance. You will receive a copy of your policy from us at the commencement of your project.

This will depend on the project, the application and the local Council. Typically, we would suggest allowing 4-6 months for a full TP application process.


A typical full bathroom renovation will take between 4-5 weeks, depending on what is in the room, if doors & windows and being replaced, it walls are being removed and how much tiling is involved. Often we are complete within 3-3.5 weeks.



A full kitchen renovation will normally take approx 5-6 weeks. With the existing removed, new trade rough in, plaster and joinery installed within the first week, then we need to wait for the Stone to be manufactured and installed. That is normally 2 weeks, during which time we may not be on site much. Once the stone is installed, we return and complete splash backs and fit off all trades/ appliances.


Full house

Most full-house renovations normally run between 10-12 weeks in duration. This will all depend on how many rooms, bathrooms there are, if we are doing every room or just most, flooring, painting and some other items can extend the timeline a little.



A larger house extension of say 2 bedrooms plus living area or outdoor Alfresco will normally have a 3-4 month schedule. This will however depend on the size and detail of the project and perhaps the building materials, with some taking long to build then others.


Second Story

We find most larger extension, or second storey extension will usually take between 5-7 months to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the design and site.


New House

This will depend on the size, design, building materials and site conditions, however we would normally estimate a 6-7 month time line to build a new custom designed home.


Multi Units

This depends if it is a side-by-side Duplex or 2,3 or 4 units, design, size and site conditions. However, we would estimate allowing 7-9 months for this type of project

We are well known for being a one-stop-shop. We specialise in offering a fully managed service to our clients. From start to finish, we take the lead, allowing you to enjoy the experience.

Mode have always been an all-inclusive builder specialising in mid-range finishes and above. For a full list for your new home, please see Resources page for our Inclusions list.

We use industry approved Housing Industry Australia (HIA) contracts and documentation. These contracts are well set out, easy to understand and fixed priced.

We focus on a fixed price contract with no intention of Variations; however we do find some clients like to add items during the course of their project so for this reason we suggest a 3-5% contingency for larger projects.

We are flexible in our approach to every project. If you would like to contribute to the build in some way, we can absolutely entertain this discuss it with you and confirm how it may work within our scope.

It will depend on the project scope. For bathrooms, kitchens, etc… usually it is no problem. For larger renovations and extensions, a case by case review of the works and safety on site must be considered.

Based in Croydon South, we focus our resources in the East and South East of Melbourne with many projects in the Yarra and Upper Yarra Valley.

We offer a 10 year structural and 10 year waterproofing warranty as well as passing on all manufacturer and supplier warranties for your project.