Growing your construction business during a lock down.

Are you one of those people who sees other builders doing well in this challenging period, when it seems your phone is not ringing anymore?

How will your business look on the other side of the Stage 4 Lock Down?

Now is the ideal time to focus your attention on other areas of your business and consider improvements to your strategic plan, marketing, business development, operational improvements, training of your team and much more.

“Our construction company saw the phones stop ringing for two weeks when Stage 3 lock down came into effect. Rather than consider the worst case scenario for 2020, we made the decision to take action to increase our public engagement, marketing activity and investment in our business to allow us to come out of this situation bigger and better than before”

Some builders and trades may decide to plod along or ‘wait this thing out’ but it is the perfect time to be on the offensive. While you might be facing a quieter period or additional time at home or in the office due to restrictions or project delays, you now have the opportunity to focus on the development of your business.

Now is the time to work against the grain!

Here are few things you could be doing now to prepare to be bigger and better after restrictions are lifted and to stand apart from the rest.


Grow your Enquiry list

You do not need to wait to create interest and enquiry in your business.

  • Connect with your existing clients or data base.
  • Use Zoom or Facetime to connect and discuss projects with your prospects.
  • Speak with referral partners and support each other on upcoming projects.
  • Offer free online consultations.
  • Ask for referrals from your raving fans.
  • Follow up on all your existing quotes / tenders.
  • Build interest and enquiry for when the restrictions are lifted, through marketing strategies.


Marketing Strategies

      Create a plan and be seen by those who need your services.

  • Build your marketing plan and strategies with your marketing consultant.
  • Develop content for video and social media use.
  • Update your social media plan and schedule posts, ahead.
  • Re-visit your branding and update where required.
  • Offer free content & advice.
  • Update your website
  • Request testimonials from previous clients.
  • ‘Solve the problems’ people are currently going through in Lock Down.
  • Join a networking group (currently operating online)


Operational Improvements

      Utilise the time you have to develop your business systems.

  • Make updates to software you are using in the business.
  • Create systems and processes to support your business and team.
  • Meet with your team to encourage them to assist with business improvements.
  • Update your documentation, quotes, contracts, tenders, operating manuals, etc.
  • Update the office, do a spring clean, renovate the showroom, work through your to do list.


Personal & Professional Development

      The most important investment is you!

  • Learn new skills – Do an online course or upskill.
  • Read, read, read.
  • Take advantage of additional time to train your team and improve their skills.
  • Engage a Mentor or Business Coach.
  • Spend time at home with your partner and kids.


If you have not already taken the initiative to focus on developing and improving your business in downtime, you might be left behind.

“Our business has seen a great shift since the first lockdown. After we rolled out new initiatives, contacting and communicating with existing clients and marketing to those new markets in areas we’d like to be in, we closed last financial year breaking records for our biggest months sales and biggest year ever

If one thing is clear, people are spending more time at home then before and they will understand what they don’t love about their existing house. This will create a lot of consumer activity for the building industry.

Are you going to be someone who sits back and waits for it to happen?

Now is the time for builders to act, so that on the other side of this pandemic, you are ready to take advantage of the opportunities you created during this time and emerge bigger and better than ever before.


Ryan Goodwin

Director- Mode Developments & Mode Renovations.

Award-winning Builder, Business Coach and HIA Housing Awards Judge.