Better Business Better Life Podcast Episode 57 Summary: 

In this episode, Ryan discusses the balance he created between work and family.

How he enjoys life, delegating and trusting his staff with all the responsibilities assigned to them and also the challenges they faced.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  Professional EOS Implementer | Entrepreneurial Leadership & Business Coach | Business Owner 


[00:02:04] Nature of the Business and Story of MODE
[00:05:43] Working Hard and Growing the Business
[00:08:26] Looking back…
[00:09:41] High and Lows On The Journey
[00:14:56] What is His Role Now in the Business
[00:16:55] Sweet Spot
[00:21:07] Progress Over Perfection
[00:25:00] Creating Better Systems
[00:29:10] Biggest Challenges in the Business and Overcoming Them
[00:32:45] Three Top Tips (Professional/Personal)
[00:39:42] Not Being A Hamster in the Business

Top 3 tips: 

1. We get caught up in the machine or chasing a snowball down a hill, or pushing one up a hill. But really, we do forget to stop and think about – is this where you want to be? Is this the lifestyle you want? Is that the vision that you’ve had? How much time you spend doing what you would like to do. We have the chance every day to do things that we love, don’t wait for 5 10 years or a lifetime to look back and say that you should’ve changed things. Consider doing what you love, your passion.

2. Turn up every day when others don’t. It’s about consistently turning up, consistently evolving, challenging yourself, asking the market and consistently being better. And even if you are the best, you just need to keep showing up. Most people around the world, in all industries, want consistency, they want history, they want experience. They want to know where you’ve been and who you are.

3. Review where you’re at and identify what you’re good at. Think of the things that you wanted to do – those you were great at, what allowed you to sleep well at night. If you’re taking on a risk, and you’re not delivering to the level of quality that you want, then you’re not going to feel good about it. Don’t just be a hamster on the wheel saying yes to everyone – that’s where burnout can be found. That’s where stress, risk, loss and issues at home start. And all sorts of stuff can come from that level of productivity that doesn’t give you the return on energy.


Better Business Better Life Podcast Episode 57