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“In this episode, I have my old mate Ryan Goodwin as my special guest. Ryan has a company in Victoria named Mode Renovations which is very diverse. It’s basically building but they have really good resource for our Victorian renovators. Ryan will share with us the 6th sense that a renovator should have in renovating. He will also share how to price the project by variation and he will give some tips on how to reduce the risks in renovating.” – Bernadette, The School of Renovating


  • [00:02:37] Similar fields but different in renovating
  • [00:03:31] And analogy of ugly ducklings that turn into beautiful swans
  • [00:06:37] The advantage of builders over renovators
  • [00:08:15] The 6th sense in renovating and building
  • [00:10:11] The duty of doing the right thing as a builder
  • [00:12:43] The dilemma between fixed price and daily price quotes
  • [00:15:02] Information is the king
  • [00:17:33] Builders perspective in renovating
  • [00:19:41] Pricing by way of variation
  • [00:21:15] Tips for reducing the risk of renovating
  • [00:22:32] Maintaining that high level of wow factor while bringing the budget down
  • [00:23:20] The relationship of trust
  • [00:26:01] Coping up with Covid
  • [00:28:34] Victoria’s rule in renovating amidst Covid


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